My relationship with Anarchy Online has truly been a love/hate relationship.

I beta-tested the primary release and played at least 3-4 hours a day for the first year. After that first year Funcom still had major issues with the game and as most of my friends that had played AO were leaving I hung up my spurs so to speak.

After they released the first expansion pack The Notum Wars I tried to play again but just couldn’t generate any real interest to continue playing. So once more I hung up the proverbial spurs.

Recently Funcom released the second expansion pack for AO called Shadowlands. With this expansion pack Funcom has generated enough interest (with the new playfields, professions and perks system) for me to play for another couple of months.

I’ve rolled up a Keeper (Idotychides) whose already Level 35 and plan on rolling up a Shade (name undetermined as of yet) as soon as the Keeper hits Level 50. I also need to get my Level 76 Fixer (Rimshot) up to 100.

Anyways, that’s enough rambling for now about AO.