So it looks like several Technology Firms are asking (begging perhaps) Congress not to impose trade restrictions that would minimize or prevent US jobs from moving overseas. More information on this can be located here. I especially love these two quotes:

‘There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore,’ Carly Fiorina, chief executive for Hewlett-Packard Co., said Wednesday. ‘We have to compete for jobs.’

‘The problem is not a lack of highly educated workers,’ said Scott Kirwin, founder of the Information Technology Professionals Association of America. ‘The problem is a lack of highly educated workers willing to work for the minimum wage or lower in the U.S. Costs are driving outsourcing, not the quality of American schools.’

Both statements are accurate and I don’t see a reason that any highly educated person should be willing to work for minimum wage. Due to Carly Fiorina’s statement though I don’t believe that I’ll be purchasing anymore HP products in the future. I mean, if HP feels that they cannot afford to hire American workers then I as an American Technology worker cannot afford to purchase their products.

A quick search on the Job Site shows 1096 open positions at HP while only 331 are located in the US. That’s right about 30%. Regardless, I’ve never been a fan of Carly’s and that quote just helps reinforce those thoughts.

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