Apple Computer today announced the addition of a 1GB iPod Nano to it’s lineup. The pricing for this is $149.00. In addition they’ve dropped the prices of the 1GB/512MB iPod Shuffle to $99.00 and $69.00 respectively.

They also announced that premium cable programming from SHOWTIME, including recent Golden Globe nominees “Sleeper Cell” and “Weeds,” is now available on the iTunes Music Store. With the addition of SHOWTIME hit programming, iTunes now offers more than 50 popular TV shows available for purchase.

Since Showtime is part of CBS is it just a matter of time before CBS moves it’s programming from Google Video over to the iTMS? I am of the opinion that it doesn’t make sense to have some of your content available to purchase in one format from one provider and the other half of your content in another format altogether and with another provider.

The bigger question is that now with NBC Universal, Sci Fi Channel, USA Network, ABC, Disney, Showtime, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickolodeon and ESPN all providing programming content through iTMS have they in fact proven this method of content delivery and in fact have they won both the battle and the war? Only time will tell.