I switched the site over to the Sca4ered theme designed by Dan Cameron a few weeks ago. I really like the color scheme used which is why I chose to go with. Well in that vein I’ve created a couple of different header images that can be used with the theme.

Sca4ered Blue Sca4ered Blue

Sca4ered Green Sca4ered Green

To use these images just unzip them into your wp-content/themes/Sca4ered.131/styles/sca4erd/ directory then modify wp-content/themes/Sca4ered.131/styles/sca4ered.css and replace background: #060B0F url(‘sca4erd/head.jpg’) top left no-repeat; with either head-blue1.jpg or head-green1.jpg.

You can download the files here.