For Christmas I purchased Nicole a matching set of earrings and bracelet from Tiffany’s. Needless to say she was very suprised. So for Valentine’s day I went ahead and purchased her the matching necklace to go with the other pieces. I do believe that she was stunned when the gift was presented to her.

Regardless this is about her gift to me. She picked me up the “male equivalent Tiffany’s little blue box” for Valentine’s day in the form of 3 pounds of bacon. It’s actually Six 1/2 pound collections of different types of Bacon with 2 different types from Kinder’s Custom Meats in the East Bay, 2 types from Andronico’s here in San Francisco, and 2 more from Whole Foods. I’m telling you…this is the male equivalent of Tiffany’s little blue box.

Anyways, on Saturday I’ll be having a “Bacon Off” and comparing all 6 types as well as taking pictures and blogging about it.