If you’re a fan of the BBC TV as I am (I’d pay for full access (BBC1, BBC2, BBC3,BBC4 etc) instead of just BBC America), then you’ve no doubt seen the show “Father Ted”. Father Ted was brilliant in it’s own right but this post is not about that.

The creator of Father Ted, one Graham Linehan has a new show out called “The IT Crowd”.

Roy & Moss

The official synopsis describes the show as:

Imagine the most beautiful offices in the world, then imagine that is not where you work. Actually, you work in a horrible, dark basement underneath all of this, as you are in the I.T. department. The I.T. Crowd is a joyous and surreal look at the underclass of every company. Jen (Katherine Parkinson), a career gal, finds herself working with two socially inept geeks in an I.T. department. This is located in the basement of Reynholm Industries. The I.T. guys are roundly despised by everyone who works above ground. Jen is new to the company and, through some sort of horrible administrative error, has found herself in the post of 'Relationship Manager' for the department. This puts her in direct contact with Roy (Chris O'Dowd) and Moss (Richard Ayoade) two men who share a love of technology, pizza, science fiction and very little else. They are not used to being around women. Hi-jinks ensue!

Jen, Roy & Moss

I’m about halfway through the six episodes that have been released so far and let me tell you that this is one of the best comedies that I’ve seen in awhile. It’s brilliantly written and the jokes are spot on.

If you’ve spent any time whatsoever working in this industry then you’re bound to see something that reminds you of someone or some incident that you’ve seen.

Here are some links to official and non-official sites. Graham Linehan’s Blog BBC Channel 4 Microsite Official Website