Nicole and I recently ugraded our Comcast plan to support HDTV to go along with the HP 42” High-Definition Plasma TV that was my birthday present.

As part of the Comcast offering they upgraded our cable desktop box to the Motorola DCT3412. This relatively new box is an all-digital, dual-tuner, High-Definition (HD) DVR set-top, which includes a built-in DOCSIS cable modem and a full range of audio and video inputs and outputs. Since it’s also a DVR it has a hard drive and this model can be equipped with either a 120GB, 160GB, or a 320GB hard drive.

For some stupid reason however Comcast supplies this box with a 120GB hard drive. This means we can get 60 hours of regular programming or 15 hours of HD programming. Now I’m of the opinion that 15 hours is insufficient and I’m not too pleased about that. Not that it matter too much as Comcast only has 10 or so HD channels.

My other annoyance with Comcast is that the box has an HDMI output but for some stupid reason Comcast has only enabled video output over HDMI so currently no audio over HDMI.