As I’ve been working with the BeagleBone linux computer as part of the OpenROV project I was getting frustrated with the lack of stands/mounting brackets out there to secure the BeagleBone.

I searched Thingiverse and located the BeagleBone + Webcam holder. I tried to print this on my Prusa and while it came out more or less all right the angled overhang was really sloppy. This version also uses printed stand up pins to secure the BeagleBone and a latching system that wasn’t completely compatible with the use of a BeagleBone Cape. Version One (V1)

So I redesigned the original part in SketchUp and made it boxier without the overhang. This produced a totally usable product although it took 2.5 hours to print and still suffered from the issue of not properly securing the BeagleBone.

Here is a photo of Version One:

Version Two (V2)

In talking with this further with Todd Sampson we decided to reduce the mass of the model as well as removed the stand up pins used to secure the BeagleBone and replaced them with 3mm holes so that the BeagleBone could be properly secured to the holder. Version Two also takes less than 40 minutes to print.

Here is a photo of Version Two:

In the end either stand is perfect for working with the OpenROV BeagleBone and OpenROV Cape. It is suitable for sitting on your desk, or for mounting to a wall. You can download everything related to it at:

To learn more about the OpenROV Project head over to the OpenROV website.