About me

Random bits and bytes

My name is Tony Guntharp and I make things. Software or Hardware, it doesn’t matter. I’m OCD, a Geek, a Homebrewer. Fan of Open Source, Linux, OSX and Mobile. Purveyor of Craft Beer and Single Malt Scotches. Avid Motorcyclist and Porsche 911 Owner. I Spent 8 years of my life jumping out of airplanes for the US Army doing high speed/low drag shit. Combat Veteran.

I was one of the Co-Founders of SourceForge.net.

I’m a core developer/contributor for the following Open Source Projects:

  • CLAHub
  • OpenROV
  • Kandan

I’m an advisor/investor to the following projects:

  • Appgyver. Makers of Prototyper and Steroids
  • Flutter Wireless


I’m a big believer in Open Source. As such you’ll find quite a bit of of my work released under a variety of Open Source licenses over at GitHub.