MacWorld San Francisco 2004 Keynote thoughts.

  • iPod time. 730,000 sold last quarter. (>2 mil out there now); 31% market share; low end now 15GB ($300); headphones for $40; new ad; iPod mini - 4G storage, .5" thick, $250, firewire/usb2
  • GarageBand - "pro music tool for everyone" - 64 tracks, 50 instruments, 1000 loops, record live, 200 effects, vintage/modern guitar amps - awesome! When? Jan 16th. How much? $50 for all of iLife, free with all new Macs. Also: add-on pack JamPack ($100), 49-key USB keyboard ($100)
  • iLife '04 "MS Office for the rest of your life"; up to 25,000 photos in iPhoto 4, speed + other features inc. rendezvous photo sharing; iMovie 4 improvements, video from iSight, audio scrubbing; iDVD 4 - 20 new themes, DVD map, pro encoding, 2 hours on a DVD, more;
  • iTunes. 30M songs sold; 70% of (legal) downloads; "Feels great to get above that 5%"; Billboard charts; lots more classical music; 500,000 songs available (largest collection); etc
  • XServe RAID system updated; 3.5TB storage; SFP connectors in back; RAID set slicing, up to 16 per; on-the-fly RAID set expansion; lots of qualified fiber chanel switches; certified on Win2003 server, 2 versions of Linux, and more; 1TB for $6; 1.75TB for $7.5; 3.5TB for $11k
  • XServe G5! 1U form, single and dual, ECC memory, DDR 400, up to 8GB, up to 750G storage, etc. single-2GHz for $3k; dual 2GHz for $4k; dual 2GHz $3k Cluster node. Ships February.
  • Office for Mac 2004
  • FinalCut Express 2 ($300)
  • 9.3 million active OS X users (~40% installed base)
  • Recognition of 20th anniversary of the Mac - "A great 20th anniversary year of the Macintosh"

The new iLife 04 suite looks especially sweet. Unfortunately for me I have a new Powerbook already so I’m going to have to purchase it. I think that GarageBand is worth the $49 though. I’m not sure about purchasing the JamPack/Keyboard though. My nieces and nephews could probably make use of it so perhaps I will pick them up. Everything else Steve talked about/showed was nice but not really relevant to me.