Feedlounge & Web Based Feed Readers

Well I’ve heard good things about Feedlounge for some time now and finally took the “3 hour tour”. One of the issues I’ve had for awhile is that I use both a laptop and a desktop during the workday and synchronizing feed subscriptions has been a pain. I’ve tried to use Bloglines and I’ve found the interface to be very clunky. I also met one of the founders of Gritwire at the Syndicate Conference back in December and while I like what they are doing I found their interface to be equally clunky but in a different way than Bloglines.

So it was with much cynicism that I tried Feedlounge. I should have known better as it was developed by Scott Sanders and Alex King. I should have known better. Feedlounge is head and shoulders above all other web based feed readers that I’ve evaluated. It has a wealth of features and the layout is very familar as well as customizable.

So far it’s the best web based feed reader that I’ve seen and I think that anyone that’s had issues with keeping their feed readers in sync should consider purchasing a subscription. I thought so much of it that I went ahead and bought a subscription.