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Perfect case for Natural Selection

01 October 2000

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A Bakersfield, California woman received a phone call from her estranged boyfriend telling her that he placed a pipe bomb outside the house in the bushes and that he was going to blow her up along with the house. So, she went outside and, lo and behold, she saw the bomb.

If you or I were told there was a bomb outside our home, we’d get the police ON THE TELEPHONE from some other location (we wouldn’t have even gone to look for it either). But if you’re a bonehead you load your three children into the pickup truck, along with the bomb, and start DRIVING AROUND WITH THE BOMB looking for the police to give it to.

Fortunately, she located the police before the bomb went off.

And what say the police? The sergeant emphasized that anyone who finds a bomb should get away from it and call law enforcement. Amazing that some people need to be told to get away from a bomb.