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11 September 2001

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I was up all night playing Anarchy Online last night and was still playing this morning at 7:00am PST when the canadian called me on my cell. At first I was like wtf is he doing calling me at this time of the morning? When I answered the phone the first thing out of his mouth was “turn on CNN”.

So I did. And was amazed/shocked by what I was seeing. It was unbelievable. After a few minutes I was called him back to find out what was going on down south and he mentioned that him and mej were glued to the TV. I jumped on the bike and hit 101 at about 120mph. I do believe that that’s the fastest I’ve ever made it from SF to San Jose.

I stayed down there all day watching CNN and a few other people came by throughout the day. All I can say is that I’m saddened and shocked by the events that transpired today. I wonder how this is going to play out as someone’s going to pay for this.