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17 November 2003

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Here’s a couple of days worth of New, Rumblings and Grumblings.

Today’s Best News So Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in today as California’s Governor and immediately signed an order that rolled back a 300% increase in state vehicle registration fees. This is very good news. Hard to tell how he’s going to be overall but believe me, he can’t be worse than Gray Davis. Of course Gary Coleman was a better option than Gray Davis.

Today’s Sign that the Apocalypse is upon us Britney Spears insists that she’s a role model for young girls. If I ever have a daughter and she decides that she want’s to model her life after Britney Spears then she’s never ever leaving the house.

Traveling over the Holidays and Houses Speaking of houses….I’m trying to buy a house located in/about Dallas, Texas. I should know more about it later this week. If I get the house I’ll probably move back to Dallas sometime after the Macworld Conference & Expo in January. I’m really looking forward to it. (Thanks to Kathy and Natalie btw)

I’ll be heading to my grandmother’s in Alabama (joy joy) for the Thanksgiving holidays and then heading out to my Aunt & Uncles place in Dallas for Christmas. Did I mention that I hate traveling ??

Sports Related Hypocrisy of the Day Also, does anyone else find this disturbing ? It just goes to prove the blatant hypocrisy that’s rampant in the Management Team of the NFL.

Paul Thurrott is a moron Paul Thurrott claims that he’s a “general tech enthusiast” and not a “Microsoft Fan”. If you’ve ever read any of his stuff you’d have to be mentally retarded to believe that.

I also love seeing him get all worked up over a Security Update to OS X (10.3 Panther) after only 2 weeks since release. Well Paul, that security update alsmost bothered me until I realized that Internet Explorer 6 under Windows XP has had more security updates that I’ve every had for OS X. So, in the words of my british friends, “Sod Off you Wanker”

Here’s a few links to his 2 big sites so you can read more about him. Personal Site Work Site

Games, Games, and More Games… So here’s what I’ve been playing alot lately (other than AO). Call of Duty MOHAA: Breakthrough America’s Army 2.0

Let me start by saying that Call of Duty is probably one of the prettiest First Person Shooters I’ve seen. The Maps are all very complex and nice and the Particle Effects and Textures are amazing. I’ve been able to run at 1600x1200x32bit and still pull 90fps. Simply amazing. My only real beef so far with the game is that the weapon accuracy in Multi-Player mode is a huge downgrade from Single-Player Mode and that there appears to be rampant cheating going on in Multi-Player mode. Come on guys, get the damn thing PunkBuster Enabled or work with the CI guys to get CI working. If you don’t you’re going to end up with a great game and not many players.

The MOHAA: Breakthrough expansion pack was/is pretty much as expected. The whole MOHAA series (for the PC at least) has been rock solid and has captured my attention since release. The weapons are accurate, the gameplay fast and furious and Single-Player vs. Multi-Player mode works identical for the most part.

America’s Army 2.0 is probably the second greatest game ever released (I made this statement and forgot about Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory) that doesn’t cost a dime. Thanks to a US Army Marketing Strategy this game has always been free and will remain free in the future. The training is very realistic in terms of what soldiers actually go through and it looks great. My only complaint about this game is the Multi-Player mode can be somewhat limited. I wish they’d bring back the “Tours” that was located in earlier versions.