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Catching Up..

24 November 2003

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Been a few day’s since I’ve written anything. I’ve been fairly busy as of late due to preparing for the holidays and what not. So here’s just a few things on my mind.

It looks as though I will be buying that house in Dallas. The people that are currently in it should be out by the first of February and I should be in shortly thereafter. It also appears that it’s going to have to have the interior painted as well as having new carpet laid down. Oh well. At least I shouldn’t have to do anything to the place for a bit. It’s got a 2 car garage and I’m already trying to figure out the best place to install a couple of racks worth of hardware. Since the garage is detached I’m also going to have to run ethernet or fiber to the main house. I’m also going to have to get the garage wired into the alarm system. I’ll make plans around this over the holidays.

On a worrying note I located this article about a 1991 Gulf War veteran who died in 2001 whose death has been linked back the the Gulf War. As a Gulf War veteran it’s more or less concerning to me. Especially when I also locate reports like this.

More thoughts on this tomorrow.