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Fairly Useful Utilities

08 December 2003

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So I found a couple of useful OS X utilites the other day.

One is a Mail.App enhancer and is called MailEnhancer. It provides 4 separate enhancements to Mail.App and I’m finding that the “Automatically update signature to match sending address” is the most useful for me so far as I use Mail.App to check 4 separate IMAP accounts.

The other utility is PureFTPd Manager. PureFTPd Manager is a small Cocoa frontend to PureFTPd, “a free (BSD), secure, production-quality and standard-conformant FTP server based upon Troll-FTPd”, for Mac OS X. PureFTPd Manager also bundles pureftpd-1.0.16a for Jaguar and 1.0.17a for Panther.