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10 March 2004

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Unreal Tournament 2004 hits retail stores. I’m really excited as it has several new features that put it over the top as far a First Person Shooters go. Some of the new features are:

1) Vehicles: Unreal Tournament 2004 features a variety of land-, space- and air-based vehicles, including buggies, tanks, hovercraft, aircraft and more


2) Voice Technology: Integrated voice communications, including voice-over-IP technology to allow real-time chat with teammates and opponents during gameplay; voice recognition, allowing players to issue orders to computer controlled bots; and, text-to-voice conversion of typed chat.

Vehicles in this are really really cool but the key is the integrated Voice Technology. No more 3rd party clients and the like. I also love the fact that they are releasing the Mac Version at the same time as the other versions.