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Airplanes and Flying.

21 June 2005

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So why is that on every commercial flight everyone and their brother tries to take onboard like 4 suitcases where each one is large enough to put the remains of Jimmy Hoffa in?

People…2 carryon’s only and one has to fit under the seat in front of you and the other must fit in the overhead bin. This isn’t too hard to understand. You don’t have to have a Physics degree from MIT to get this. Morons.

Also…to the lady in front of me who decided she had to let her seat all the way back. That’s cool with me. I was a bit crowded but I can live/deal with that. What I don’t appreciate was your need to take your shoes off and place your nasty ass feet up on the bulkhead for the rest of the airplane to see. I mean it’s one thing to crowd me, it’s quite another to crowd me and to make me nauseous.