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One More “Essential” Essential Mix

26 June 2005

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Is at the usual location. If you need directions…email me.

Here’s the Tracklisting. (3 Hour Set from the Miami Winter Music Conference)

::: Miami 2005
::: 27/03/2005

Desyn Masiello Slam - ‘This World (Instrumental) (Soma) Alra - ‘The Moon’ (White Label) Deep Dish - ‘Casa De X’ [Osamu M Remix] (White Label) Elecricano - ‘Harmony Of Soul’ (White Label) Unknown - ‘Unknown’ (White Label) Andry Nalin - ‘Piano Track’ (White Label) Unknown - ‘Unknown’ (White Label) Unknown - ‘Unknown’ (White Label) Unknown - ‘Unknown’ (White Label) Chable & Bonnici - ‘Ride’ [Mashtronic Mix] (Alternative Route)

Gabriel & Dresden Fiaple & Drum - ‘A Perfect Circle’ (White) Juliet - ‘Avalon’ (Virgin) Rachel Star - ‘Til There Was You’ [Gabriel & Dresden Remix] (Release Records) Ozgur Can - ‘Just Go With It’ (White) Gabriel & Dresden - ‘Arcadia’ (Organized Nature) Matti Laamanen - ‘Sorrow’ (White) Gabriel & Dresden - ‘Dub Horizon’ (Nettwerk) Perasma - ‘Swing 2 Harmony’ [Gabriel & Dresden Mix] (Ultra) Gabriel & Dresden - ‘Portobello’ (Nettwerk) Markus Schull feat. Departure - ‘Without You Near’ [Gabriel & Dresden Mix] (White)

Murk David Guetta - ‘The World Is Mine’ [Murk Remix] (Virgin) Funky Green Dogs - ‘Reach For Me’ [Steve Lawler Remix] (Murk Records) Technotronic - ‘Pump Up The Jam’ [Kurd Maueruch Mix] (White Label) Spektrum - ‘Unknown’ [Erich Ensastague Mix] (White Label) Porno - ‘Music Power’ (White Label) Dire Straits - ‘Money For Nothing’ [Murk Bootleg] (White Label) Robbie Rivera ‘Sex’ [Ralph Falcon Crobar Mix] (Juicy) Murk - ‘Doesn’t Really Matter’ (Tommy Boy) U2 - ‘Streets Have No Name’ [Murk Bootleg] (White Label) Bob Marley - ‘Could You Be Loved’ (Island)</blockquote>