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12 August 2005

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So I’ve been in SF for a few weeks now and enjoying the weather. Spent most of the week over at LWCE and man has it changed. It’s a far different experience now than it was 5-6 years ago. It’s odd to walk the show floor and not see booths from companies such as VA Linux Systems (now VA Software) and Linuxcare (now Levanta).

I was however able to catch up with old friends such as Lara K, Jim B, Arruda, Hakker, Term, and the Mej. I even saw dtype running around for a bit.

We had a general dinner thing wednesday night and precision was there. It’s hard to believe that dtype, bigdisk, precision and I started working on SourceForge 6 years ago. Precision also mentioned that since SF.net launched the 2 Load Balancers had transfered enough data to fill 263 Trillions DVDs. That’s a crapload of data and far more than we ever imagined.