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SourceForge Founders

15 August 2005

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Once again into the breach.

So over the years I’ve heard tons of people make the claim that they “did this” or “did that” with SourceForge. Here at Feedster we even had a guy put on his resume that he was one of the SourceForge Developers. Now I see this from Eric Raymond.

“I designed the Trove classification system used at SourceForge, Freshmeat, and elsewhere. I’m sort of the architectural grandaddy of SourceForge; the lead architect of that system, Drew Streib, lifted a lot of idea and even his database schemas from the Trove design document.”

Eric, sorry mate didn’t anyone ever teach you not to piss into the wind? This is just not true. Yes we integrated the Trove classification system into SourceForge. But that wasn’t in the first versions. You are in no way, shape or fashion “the architectural grandaddy of SourceForge”. As far as DB schemas go, Drew designed the DB layout for implementing the Trove system but even he only claims to be a Co-Founder of SF.net. That’s all that ANY of us have ever claimed as it was a TEAM effort.

To be honest. there are 4 main co-founders of SourceForge. Those 4 people are (and in no particular order):

  • Drew Streib

  • Tim Perdue

  • Uriah Welcome

  • Tony Guntharp

    You can still download every version of the GPL version of the SourceForge code from here. Read the AUTHORS file. Eric, you aren’t even in there.</li>