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World of Warcraft 1.8 Patch Notes (Unofficial)

15 September 2005

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Here is the current (unofficial) patch notes for the next major patch for World of Warcraft.

  • Mages have had the fire and arcane talent trees removed due to having the ability to actually killing something. We have replaced these trees with something similar to the paladin holy tree.

  • We got a bit tired of guilds ‘farming’ Molten Core so we removed it.

  • Ragnaros has been relocated to Goldshire.

  • In order to bring back some world pvp in to the game we have decided to remove all the battlegrounds, who really cares they gave too much bonus honor anyway.

  • Cross Faction trade windows have been added.

  • We decided to remove ironforge from the game due to a large amount of players complaining about lagg issues while inside.

  • Divine Shield cooldown has been extended to 1 hour.

  • The name “Fangtooth” is no longer available for selection on any paladin character across all realms. Variations of this name may be considered as exploiting game mechanics.

  • We have been receiving a lot of complaints about people being mind controlled in to the lava at blackrock mountain, to counter this we have removed priests and blackrock mountain from the game.

  • Players will no longer be allowed to cancel their accounts, blizzard4lyfe.

  • Monthly fees have doubled due to inflation of international oil prices If you wish to cancel your account because of this please read the point above.

  • PvP server changes: everywhere is now contested territory. If you don’t like it, learn2play or roll pve you stupid newb.

  • “Master Looter” has been removed from the game because we deem it is unfair to all those whole hearted ninja looters out there.

  • A new class has been added called “carebears” These are a race of bears that run around the lands of azeroth spamming /spit emotes and yelling “cry more newb” we feel this is a great way to entice a larger player base.

  • Drakefire Amulet has been removed from the game. It has been replaced with “The Hand Of Hogger” Subsequently due to players camping hogger and farming him we have removed him from the game.

  • Tauren war stomp racial has been improved to 12 seconds and the diminishing returns have been removed.

  • We have added a new horde only end game raid instance to Northshire Abby.