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Matt Stoller

06 January 2006

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I’m of the opinion that Matt Stoller is at best an idiot and at worst a fascist.

From MyDD: (which might as well stand for “My Diseased Diencephalon” (go look it up you twit)).

McCain is the BEST (none / 0)

I surely like McCain. Most rational of any candidate. Best for the country. He’s got his act together after suffering more adversity in life than most of us as a prisoner-of-war. How many of us could go through that? And come out in the intellectual and physical shape he’s in? He reminds me of Harry Truman. Totally from the people and for them. has no baggage, either! 3 cheers. Hope he makes it ! by howardb on Wed Jan 4th, 2006 at 11:56:22 PM EDT

Re: McCain is the BEST (3.00 / 1)

I will tolerate comments that are:

   1. Annoying
   2. Pointless
   3. Inaccurate

But all three?
by Matt Stoller on Thu Jan 5th, 2006 at 12:14:26 AM EDT</blockquote>

It’s funny to see someone speak their mind and post a comment that was not viceral, obscene, or vile and then get banned for not agreeing with Stoller’s viewpoint while other bile spewers remain. I also find Stoller’s response amusing as he claims that Howardb’s post is inaccurate but oddly enough all I see was Howard voicing an opinion. As as far as I know, opinions cannot be accurate or inaccurate.

So is Matt Stoller: A) A Moron B) A Jackass C) A Destroyer of the First Amendment D) Jackbooted Nazi Thug

E) All of the above *

Personally I think he falls under “E”.


There seems to be some confusion as to whether “E” includes option “D”.

Per the guidelines.

The <DEL> is used for deleted text, for instance in legal documents.” (w3) This causes text to be displayed as if it were struck out or deleted. Example: this is deleted text as demonstrated by your browser.

Now this means the option was deleted and does not fall under “E) All of the above” as the only valid options would be options “A, B, C, and E”.

If this process is too complex for you to comprehend I’m going to make a recomendation that you go to the nearest apple store and purchase a one button mouse as two mouse buttons are overly complex and it’s obvious that you lack sufficient gray matter between your ears to utilize the second button without stroking out.