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iPod Radio Remote

12 January 2006

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I bought a 60GB Video iPod awhile back (to replace my 40gb whose battery would last all of an hour tops) and have absolutely loved it. It’s a beautiful machine although I do believe I’d appreciate it more if it had 100-120GB storage capacity.

Anyways, one of the coolest things that came out of Macworld this week was the ipod Radio receiver & remote. It’s a FM receiver and remote for the video iPods/iPod nano. All you need is a firmware update (v 1.1 or later) for your iPod and the unit itself. If you’re listening to a station that supports the Radio Data System (RDS) standard, you’ll be able to see the song title/artist or radio station information from within the iPod display.

I ordered mine from the Apple store on Tuesday and it arrived today (even thought the order status page told me shipping on 1/18/06). So far so good although I do have a few bitches about it (initial bitches). The first thing is that it would appear that there’s no “scan” function for moving in between stations. If you have a preset set then you can jump between presets but general scanning doesn’t appear to be available. The other gripe is that reception in San Francisco isn’t the best in the world. Anyways, once I get to play with it some more I’ll post more information.