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Sca4ered v133 The “Polynikes” Release

21 February 2006

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First a little background.

Dan Cameron designed the original Sca4ered theme but decided that he no longer wanted to maintain it in it’s “current” state. In speaking with Dan I asked (and was granted permission) to continue the development of the Sca4ered theme as it stands today.

Sca4ered v133 The “Polynikes” Release is the first iteration of that. Each release that I push back to Dan will have a code name associated with it (much like Debian does) so that it’s easier to identify.

This version (Sca4ered v133 The “Polynikes” Release) has gone through some minor code cleanup as well as support for 2 new plugins. Those plugins are myStatus v0.5 and WP Audioscrobbler 0.35 Beta. If you have these plugins installed and activated in WordPress then you should see a few new sidebar options.

Many thanks go out to Dan for allowing me to extend and continue all the great work he’s done with the Sca4ered Theme. You can go download Sca4ered v133 The “Polynikes” Release and find out more about it here.