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Sprint Ambassador Program

26 February 2006

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So from out of nowhere I get the following email:

The Sprint Ambassador Team recently visited Fusion94.org and wants to invite you to participate in our Ambassador Program.

The Sprint Ambassador Program is all about exploring our latest products and services and allows you to give direct feedback to Sprint. We recently launched the Sprint Power Vision (SM) Network and want to provide you with the full experience, at no charge. Sprint Power Vision Network enables customers to download data at faster speeds and experience new data products.

So what’s the deal? As a qualified participant, we will send you one Sprint Power Vision phone and provide you with six months of all-access service (at no charge). You’ll have access to the Sprint Music Store(SM) live TV broadcasts, gaming and more. Yes, you will also have unlimited free calling and data service. It’s a pretty good deal and all we ask for in return is your candid feedback (you decide how much and how often).</blockquote>

After carefully reading the Terms of Service (ToS) I didn’t notice anything that would prevent me from blogging about my experiences with the phone (good or bad). I went ahead and filled out the required information that they asked of me and got a followup email a few minutes later stating that I had been accepted and that my phone will ship in the next 2-4 weeks.

The phone they are providing is a Samsung A920 Phone and I’m looking forward to putting it through it’s paces especially the Sprint TV portion of it.

It’s interesting to me as this is the first time I’ve ever received anything due to my blogging efforts. A few minutes of searching on google shows me that Sprint has also hit up the proverbial “A-List” of bloggers as well. Bloggers such as Jeff Jarvis at BuzzMachine, Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion, Joseph Jaffe on the Gawker Media network, and Chris Pearson, a 9rules network member were also invited.

I have to say that this is a pretty good way for Sprint to get some free publicity as well as free marketing for their Power Vision Product out of the deal. And the old axiom that there’s no such thing as bad publicity is bound to cause a few ripples out there.