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Bracewell Observatory

07 March 2006

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Stanford University has secured demolition permits from Santa Clara county and intend to pull down the Bracewell Observatory.

The Bracewell Observatory is named for Professor Ronald Bracewell, a father of radio astronomy, who created the site and built the dishes. They’ve been sitting idle since Federal Funding was redirected elsewhere.

Bob Lash has created Friends of the Bracewell Observatory Association and hopes to save the dishes and proposes using them to:

  • Open up the world of radio astronomy to Stanford students and the community
  • Support the establishment of a teaching observatory for students in the Stanford Astronomy Program
  • Provide mentoring
  • Preserve and present the history, technical information, and scientific contributions made at this site
  • Support teaching and research use by Stanford faculty
  • Support access to the dishes for qualified projects, such as high school educational outreach and space communications research

He’s already got support from NASA/JPL and needs more help.