Omnidrive as their CTO.

"> Omnidrive as their CTO.

"> Omnidrive as their CTO.

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New Position

12 April 2006

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Some of you may know while others may not, but I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially joined Omnidrive as their CTO.

Omnidrive is a hosted storage platform that is currently in private alpha testing to a limited subset of users. Omnidrive promises to change the way you access and share your files from whichever device you are on.

In joining Omnidrive I’ll be:

  • Helping define, develop and deploy Omnidrive’s technology architecture, ensuring that it maximizes revenue, minimizes costs, and provides a firm, flexible foundation for the future.
  • Ensuring that all technology deployments are properly implemented, integrated and supported.
  • Developing ground rules, performance criteria and enforcement mechanisms for service-level agreements with relevant Infrastructure service providers.

I’m happy to join the team at Omnidrive and I look forward to rolling out our product to a larger set of users in the very near future.