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Antiwar Movement shoots itself.

23 May 2006

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I’m not here to go into great detail as to whether or not I support the current situation in Iraq. I’ve got friends in-country now that are on their second tours of duty there as well as some friends that have done tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Regardless of my views I will support my friends there.

Anyways, the Antiwar movement, more specifically the “Iraq Veterans Against The War” has just suffered a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound to the head.

They shot a video of one “Jesse Macbeth” speaking out against the war in Iraq. Now I’m sure that this is in fact Jesse’s opinion about the current situation over there. And he’s entitled to that. The issue at stake here is his credibility. Especially since he’s making allegations of war crimes and atrocities that he witnessed.

Having watched the video myself I believe that Jesse Macbeth is a liar and a farce whose only purpose is to discredit our government and those men/women currently serving in our Armed Forces.

Let’s first start out with his uniform discrepencies.

1) His BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) sleeves are rolled up incorrectly. I’m referring to the “hero photograph” at the start of the video. Now this may seem like a minor thing but any US Army Service member learns to wear his BDU’s properly the first few days at basic training and never forgets it. He/She would also never allow themselves to have a photograph of themself taken like that.

2) He’s wearing a Ranger beret and there’s no Ranger beret flash or Ranger unit crest present.

3) No Airborne Wings. You cannot be Ranger qualified or in Ranger Battalion without having first graduated Airborne school.

4) He’s wearing a Special Forces Combat Patch. No one from the 3rd Ranger Battalion would be wearing the SF Patch as their combat patch. They’d be wearing their Ranger Scroll.

Now lets move on to what he’s claimed on MIlitary.com and other sites.

5) He claims to have three combat parachute jumps (denoted by “mustard stains” on his airborne wings) unfortunately for Jesse no one in 3rd Ranger Battalion made three combat jumps in 2001-05.

6) He claims to be Special Forces qualified. But, if he was SF and Ranger qualified, he would not be an E-4, as he would have had to have been an E-4 promotable to go to the SF Qualification course and should he have graduated the Q Course as he claims he would have then been promoted to E-5. Period.

7) He claims to have two Combat Infantryman’s Badge. He would not have been awarded two CIBs for service between 2001 and 2005.

8) He claims to have been with the Rangers in Fallaujah. To my knowledge, 3rd Ranger Battalion was not in Fallaujah.

9) He claims to have been shot, wounded with shrapnel and stabbed (multiple times), but only claims one Purple Heart.

Army spokesman John Boyce states:

“Initial research by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg shows no Soldier with the name of Jesse Macbeth having ever been assigned to the Special Forces or the Army Rangers – which are, in fact, two separate disciplines. This appears to be some sort of hoax. No Soldier by that name at Fort Lewis to our knowledge, in the past, either. Of course, the line about “go into the Army or go to jail” is vintage TV script not heard since the 1960s. There are also numerous wear and appearance issues with the Soldier’s uniform – a mix of foreign uniforms with the sleeves rolled up like a Marine and a badly floppy tan beret worn like a pastry chef. Of course, the allegations of war crimes are vague, as are the awards the Soldier allegedly received.”</blockquote>

Here are links to his interview and the videos on Youtube. Socialist Alternative Inteview Peace Films Interview

This is a perfect example of the Antiwar Movement to try and push their agenda upon you. And here’s how.

1) Putting these interviews out knowing full well that Jesse Macbeth is lying, thereby purposefully spreading false and malicious lies about the great men who are serving their country as Rangers. 2) Putting these interviews out without doing even the most basic research to determine whether or not Jessie Macbeth was telling the truth.

All of these discrepencies in his statements have to give you pause as to the credibility of his other statements. If they do not then you are a bigger fool than the people that have interviewed Jesse.