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The Prince of al Qaeda in Iraq

08 June 2006

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The 39-year-old Jordanian-born terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi dubbed “The Prince of al Qaeda in Iraq” by Osama bin Laden had eluded U.S. and Iraqi authorities for years, often mocking them with recorded messages and videotapes.

His luck ran out on Wednesday, when he was killed by a coalition airstrike on what was supposed to be a “safe house” in Baquba.

Pentagon sources stated that U.S. Special Forces had tracked al-Zarqawi by following one of his key lieutenants and spiritual adviser, Sheik Abd-al-Rahman.

“Good morning. Last night in Iraq, United States military forces killed the terrorist al Zarqawi. At 6:15 p.m. Baghdad time, special operation forces, acting on tips and intelligence from Iraqis, confirmed Zarqawi’s location, and delivered justice to the most wanted terrorist in Iraq.” - President George Bush</blockquote>