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World Cup 2006 Thoughts so far

23 June 2006

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The US Team did about as well as they could considering the grouping they were in as well as the players and coaches they had.

One thing I do believe though it that it’s time for Bruce Arena to step down as coach of the National Team. In fact Nick Webster over at FOX Sports mentions in his blog that Jurgen Klinsmann, the current German national team coach, has held talks with USSF Officials already in regards to taking over the US Program.

Arena has done a wonderful job to date with the US Team although his biggest errors this year were the exclusion from the roster of two of the best young US players to date. Freddy Adu and Lee Nguyen.

Now I’m not saying that they should have started for the US Team but if the US is to advance further in 2010 then these two guys are going to have to be those superstars that the current team is lacking. And as such, getting them on the team this year (even if they never set foot onto the pitch), was critical for their development.

My other concern about Adu is that he had told the Washington Post last year that he had made up his mind to play for the United States, but he told AFP that he would consider playing for either the US or Ghana (Adu was born in Ghana although a Naturalized US Citizen).

Anyways, now that the US is out time for me to start cheering hard for the Oranjes although they play Portugal next (Sorry Arruda, you guys lose again).