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Announcing Fedora 7 (Moonshine)

31 May 2007

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Fedora 7 (Moonshine) is now out to the general public.

This release includes significant new versions of many key components and technologies:

  • This release features GNOME 2.18 and KDE 3.5.6.
  • Fast user switching is well integrated in this release. Developers have enabled this feature through extensive development work on ConsoleKit and full integration throughout the distribution.
  • Display devices can be hot plugged and work automatically, thanks to the inclusion of Xorg Server 1.3.
  • This release provides a number of firmware packages for enhanced wireless networking. NetworkManager presents a graphical interface that allows user to quickly switch between wireless and wired networks for increased mobility. NetworkManager is installed by default in both GNOME and KDE Live CDs.
  • Fedora 7 includes a refreshing new "Flying High" theme, which is part of a continuous team effort from the community and the Fedora Artwork Project:
  • This release features integration of a new FireWire stack in the kernel for more robust device handling.
  • Fedora now includes improved power management through implementation of dynamic ticks in the kernel.
  • This release integrates Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology with Fedora's graphical virt-manager and command-line virsh tools. KVM provides a hardware accelerated virtualization solution, and users have a choice between KVM and Xen, along with Qemu, in this release.

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