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OmniFocus vs iGTD

14 June 2007

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I used to use the Kinkless kGTD tool developed by Ethan Schoonover. It was a great tool and since it was integrated with Omni Outliner it was a perfect fit for me as a Omni Outliner user.

When Ethan announced that he was no longer going to continue working on kGTD I was a bit bummed until I heard that kGTD was getting rolled into a new product from OmniGroup called OmniFocus. I was once more excited.

Unfortunately it has been approximately 8 months and 3 weeks since the announcement of OmniFocus and other than a few movies, a few screenshots, and a demo at the Apple Store during WWDC we still don’t even have a public alpha only a closed, limited beta. At this rate we might see Internet Explorer 7 for OS X before we’ll see OmniFocus.

As I can’t continue to use the kGTD tools anymore (no updates etc) and since OmniFocus appears to be a very distant horizon I’m making the move to iGTD.