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Bonds and the HR Chase

02 August 2007

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Regardless of whether Bonds doped or not the fact of the matter is that up until 2004 Steroids were not illegal to use according to MLB rules. And it wasn’t until 2006 that MLB decided to ban and test for greenies (amphetamines).

I’m not saying that Aaron used either of these substances during the course of his career but we only have his word to verify this as testing by MLB wasn’t done for either of these substances.

Bonds is being singled out currently due to allegations of use. There is no definitive proof as of yet.

Having played baseball up to the college level there will always be individuals who try and circumvent the rules and the spirit of baseball. There are plenty of players currently in the Hall of Fame who used steroids, greenies, corked bats, scuffed or altered the ball or used an illegal substance on the ball. Shall we pull those players from the Hall of Fame? Does the fact that these players might have committed one of these infractions diminish their career accomplishments?

Just some random thoughts.