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Bay Area Hypocrites….

15 November 2007

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So the news is out….Barry Bonds has been indicted for perjury. And it appears that some of the liberals in the Bay Area are now clamoring for his head. Here are a few quotes:

“im a born sf chick, a lifelong giants fan……and i hope barry finally gets what he deserves! the arrogant person that he is. i can’t stand the guy.”

“Wonder how he’ll look in a bright orange jumpsuit? Maybe he can share a cell with Greg Anderson?”

“he cheats – while breaking the most important record in sports. he lies – to a grand jury. good riddance.”

“Fantastic! I hope ASSterisk and his big head spends some time behind bars.”

“Friggin Finally. Send him to jail and lets never mention his name again.”

Whats amazing about this is that these are quotes from Bay Area people who are known for being fairly liberal. I wonder if you were the same people that defended Bill Clinton for committing perjury because it was just a lie about sex to congress.