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05 February 2008

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So I’ve turned anonymous commenting back on for blog posts. In the old Wordpress installation comment spam was handled by akismet and comments were moderated.

Now that I’ve converted most of the content to Drupal I’m testing a new approach. Anonymous users can now comment again but they must fill out some rudimentary contact information as well as successfully submit a Math CAPTCHA. Once this is accomplished their comment will be published.

If this method works then no problems, if it doesn’t then the next step would be to use an Image CAPTCHA. If that fails then the final solution would be to use the Image CAPTCHA in conjunction with comment moderation which I’d really rather not do.

Also to note is that I’ve turned off new user account creation. If you really feel as though you need an account here then email me directly or use the contact form. Be prepared to justify your need for an account.

Let’s see how it goes. Let the games begin.