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Campus Party 2008

21 December 2008

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I’ve been meaning to post about this for some time but have been rather slack in doing so.

Back in August I was invited to talk at Campus Party 2008 which took place at the Valencia Exhibition Center in Valencia, Spain from July 28 - August 3 to give a talk about the History of SourceForge.

Campus Party is recognized as the biggest electronic entertainment event on-line in the world. An annual event which has taken place since 1997, that gathers together thousands of participants with their computers from all over Spain and other countries, in order to share their concerns, exchange experiences and carry out lots of different activities related to computers, communications and new technologies.

This year there was approximately 8,973 participants.

I was also able to particpate as a Judge in the Maddog Challenge to judge the design of 2 open source applications one of which had to be a web-based application and the other had to be based on the Android Platform. The prizes were an Open Moko Neo FreeRunner.

My fellow judges were:

  • Antonio Cebrián (Telefónica I+D)
  • Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP)
  • Carlos Valero (Socio de Accenture Technology Solutions)
  • Mike Jennings (Developer Advocate Android - Google)
  • Jon "maddog" Hall (Linux International) </ul> Unfortunately we only had two applicants (which did make judging easy for us). Those applications were FavPal and Traveller. Both applications were very good and were deserving of the rewards the developers earned. Overall it was a fantastic trip for me and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I got to spend some time in Barcelona as well. Here are a few photos of the trip. Here's a media interview that I did after my talk. </param></param></param></embed>