Site Revamp

Site Revamp


Technology is like fashion, trends will come and go. You might be wondering, how do I know whether it is time to revamp my website? The answer can differ, but it’s essential for your website to be as up-to-date and functional as possible.

Here’s 9 indicators that point to a revamp:

  1. Nonresponsive Site or Mobile-Unfriendly
  2. Slow Load Time
  3. Crowded Pages
  4. The Absence of a Content Management System (CMS)
  5. High Bounce Rate
  6. Low Conversion Rate
  7. Your Site Uses Flash
  8. Outdated Content and Images
  9. Low Search Rankings

So the last real revamp/refresh of my site was on Jul 21, 2017. Now that doesn’t seem like a long time ago but it was. If I use the indicators listed above as a guide I was hitting 4/9 indicators. That seems to me like an effort worth undertaking.

So I started reworking the site a week or so ago and here we are today. With the old site looking pretty dated and wanting to take advantage of some new jekyll plugins I have a new site launched. I really do prefer this look and feel over the old site.

Some of the features of the old site have not yet been transferred over so please bear with me. If you notice something horribly broken please let me know.