Dual Universe Release

Dual Universe Release



Dual Universe is a first person based space simulation sandbox massively multiplayer online role play game (MMORPG) video game in development by the Paris-based game development studio, Novaquark.

For the last few years I’ve sunk an enormous amount of time playing Dual Universe. Which for the most part I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

It basically combined elements of games I’ve played for years now, Eve Online (released in 2003) and No Man’s Sky (released in 2016). It also incorporates bits and pieces from Minecraft.

Going through my email I was able to locate this one from August, 28th, 2019 or 3 years ago to the day.

Hello Novean,

You recently signed up to create a Dual Universe account. To validate your email, please click on the link below to finalize setting up your account.

I’ve spent years invested in DU and have reported bugs and exploits over that time. I’ve spent day’s on end in mining for resources (prior to automatic mining units) just so that I could build Space Station’s and other bases on multiple planets. I currently have 4 characters/accounts in-game and between the 4 characters I have accumulated somewhere close to:

  • 171m Talent Points
  • 1.27b Quanta (in-game currency)

The game launched in May 2016 in its pre-alpha state and entered Beta in August of 2020. The live release date for Dual Universe is 27 September 2022. The question of whether Dual Universe will wipe its servers at launch is one that has been hanging over players’ heads as far back as June when the devs at Novaquark openly ruminated about the decision.

On August 9th, Novaquark announced that yes, there will be a full server reset at launch.

Existing players will still retain their blueprints, friend lists, and guild details, while everything from planets to territories to constructs will be reset. This is being done for several reasons, including to give everyone even footing, better balance the economy, improve performance, and add new planets as well as adjust existing ones.

As a thank-you to beta testers, DU will be handing out Pioneer Packs full of talent points, currency, and other materials in order to give players back some of their progress.


This package is available to players who have purchased at least thirteen months of subscription for the Dual Universe beta. Please note that it’s not necessary to have used the game time by this date to qualify for this bracket.

This package is also available to our Gold backers and above from our crowdfunding campaigns, as well as Sponsors and Patrons.

  • Up to 52,992,000 extra talent points, including the server-wide accelerator event and the beta talent point awards, by the end of the 6-month launch event.
  • 6 monthly payments of 400,000 quanta.
  • 5 Schematic copies of Dynamic Core Unit S
  • 5 Schematic copies of Dynamic Core Unit M
  • 5 Schematic copies of Dynamic Core Unit L
  • Tier 3 Rare Item - 1 Circinus collectible statue
  • 3 exclusive decorative items: Deco potted plant white, Deco carpet, Deco potted plant black

The response to the server reset by the players has been mixed at best.

To be honest I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of the reset. From a game balancing standpoint I totally understand it. They want to ensure that the new players that will be joining for the first time on launch will not feel disadvantaged. On the other hand, DU has been in beta for 2 years now and anyone could have put down a credit card and started playing.

The way the tiered-pioneer pack is setup, my 3 years of work during the beta means just as much as anyone that signs up today (for at least a 13 month subscription) will get the same pioneer pack as me and yet I’ve invested countless more hours and money into DU. That’s some thank-you.

To me this seems like a quick cash grab from Novaquark especially considering the game has been in development for 8 years (bleeding money) and also that at launch, the version launching is in many ways inferior to the version that’s currently running as beta. Not all the planets that are currently in beta will be launching. Some will be delayed for awhile. This will lead to some early initial planets suffering from overcrowding and can potentially lead to whole planets becoming like Market 6 on Alioth back in the day.

I think what’s most likely to happen is that I will continue to invest a little bit of time into Dual Universe after launch but uncertain as to whether or not I will renew my subscriptions on expiration.

It’s a real shame as DU had so much potential but for whatever reason never quite reached it. I would respect NQ a hell of a lot more if they’d just come out and state “hey we’re running out of cash and need to launch with a new influx of cash and new players to ensure we can continue to develop DU”.

Instead we get typical NQ marketing bullshit.