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Camera Fix for El Capitan

If you’ve upgraded to Mac OS X 10.11.x “El Capitan” you may occasionally see an error that states “No Camera Available” when you open up FaceTime or any other app that requires usage of the camera. If you are having this problem, or if you see this problem pop up... [Read More]

Raspberry Pi Versions

Introduction There have now been a number of revisions to the Raspberry Pi PCB so the device you have in front of you could be any one of a number of variations. The changes include mounting holes, modifications to the power supply circuitry, different GPIO headers and varying numbers... [Read More]

T-Rex Skull

So this was a sample print I did over the weekend after using my method of automatic bed leveling as described in a previous blog post. It was printed using the following settings: Rectilinear Infill of 20%, 2 shell, no support, no raft.... [Read More]

Automatic Bed Leveling

This is just a quick tutorial on how to setup and confgure the Automatic Bed Leveling system in Simplify3D for the FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer. To automatically position the extruder to various points on the build platform for leveling, select “Tools > Bed Leveling Wizard” from the top menu.... [Read More]

FlashForge Creator Pro

About six weeks ago I decided to pickup a new 3d Printer. After looking at what was out there from MakerBot, Ultimaker, Type A Machines, Chinese knockoffs (like FlashForge and Wanhao) and the various models based off the RepRap Prusa, I finally settled on the FlashForge Creator Pro Dual Extrusion... [Read More]